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scan speak revelator illuminator raal ribbon thiel      Gazelle rijwiel kruisframe restauratie transfer decal biezen bieswerk duomatic 
 latest projects: ScanSpeak Dipole 531 speaker system, restoring a bunch of Gazelle historical bikes and a Dursley Pedersen 1907.
Concave highend diy speaker Scan Speak Ring radiator Revelator R2904 15M/ 21W/8555 21W/8555-00 15M/4531 15M/4531T00 Passive radiator helmholz CONCAEVE

High-End DIY Speaker System
Scan Speak Revelator ringradiator R2904/700005
Scan Speak Revelator 15M/4531K00
Scan Speak 21W/8555-00
Scan Speak 21W/8555-01

zelfbouwaudio concave speaker system high end   zelfbouwaudio

design DIY Speaker System
  Kit's for sale!! but keep in mind this is not a cheap speaker to build.
Count on 1000 euro for a stereo pair of poyester shell's!

0Scan Speak D2004/60200
Scan Speak 12M/4831G00
Scan Speak 18W/8831G00

zelfbouwaudio pacific speaker
Design diy speaker
Raal Ribbon 70 10  25W/8567-SE Lyngdorf DSP Room Perfect Dayton Audio RS225S-8

still on hold, cause I can't find a purpose to finish this speaker system!

Improved High-end DIY Speaker project

- High-End version with Scan Speak
tweeter: D2904/710003
Mid: 18W/4531G00
Bas: 26W/4558T00
PM: 26W/0-00-0

zelfbouwaudio       zelfbouwaudio

DIPole 531

Open Baffle High-end DIY Speaker project

The best sounding system I ever had in my listening room

tweeter: ScanSpeak D3004/664000
Mid: Scan Speak 18WU/4741T00
Bas : 32W/8878T01

Scan Speak Scanspeak Illuminator

High-end DIY Speaker project

Expensive Sound Reproducer
Tweeter: D3004/664000
MidWoofer: 18WU/4741T00


Small High-end DIY Speaker project
with ScanSpeak Illuminator drivers.

Scan Speak R3004/602010
Scan Speak 12MU/4731T00

zelfbouwaudio  PICTURES
Scan Speak Scanspeak Illuminator 12MU/4731 12MU/8731 12MU Thiel Eton Raal Scan Speak 12MU/4731T00  ScanSpeak R2004/602000 Lyngdorf TDAI-2200


SATelite 2
Improved version
Scan Speak R3004/602010
Scan Speak 12MU/4731T00

zelfbouwaudio  PICTURES
Scanspek illuminator
Scanspek illuminator

Custom HT Line Array
Driver: Peerless 830970

zelfbouwaudio  PICTURES
Small High-end DIY Speaker project
with ScanSpeak discovery driver.

Scan Speak 10F/4424G00
Scan Speak 10F/8424G00

Scan Speak 10F/4424G0 10F/4424 10F-4424  How to build

ScanSpeak Scan-speak discovery 10F/4424G00 Concaeve FASTer
ScanSpeak Scan-speak discovery 10F/4424G00 Concaeve FASTer

Small enclosure with tweeter, designed for Concaeve RAPide

Vifa NE19VTA04

Scan Speak 10F/4424G0 10F/4424 10F-4424  PICTURES


High-end DIY Woofer
with 12" ScanSpeak or Peerless driver
meanwhile replaced by the ScanSpeak Discovery subwoofers!

Peerless XXLS 835017
ScanSpeak 30W/4558-00

Scan Speak 10F/4424G0 10F/4424 10F-4424  PICTURES

ScanSpeak Scan-speak discovery 10F/4424G00 Concaeve FASTer
Wadia Lyngdorf Scan Speak Illuminator 170i

dreamland :-))

5 x 4 x 2.6 meter
soundproof chamber
box in box floating system
carpet on concrete floor
SATelite with Cornerwoofers

DSP room correction

Lyngdorf TDAI-2200
Lyngdorf DSP software
                >>>>> download >>>>> software / manual
ATB measurement system
2+2 (satelites + corner woofers)
Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 TDAI2200 Room perfect DSP 1.20 corner woofers

graphite neck bass collier basses ETS Basstec Bartolini Delano hommerson

High-End Bass Guitars
build from 1985 to 2009
4-, 5- and 6-strings
17-layer graphite neck
Exclusive woods
Custommade hardware
Power Amp

High-End MosFET mono >500W

THEL Accusound 100

graphite bass collier basses

Gazelle 'oldies'
My collection of Classical Sports and Touring bikes

    Gazelle 8V - 1941 Unisex frame, old model
        in very bad condition (nightmare).
    Gazelle Nr1 - 1955
        100% original, completely conserved

    Gazelle Sport - 1949
        100% original, one of the early Gazelle bikes after the war

    Gazelle Sport Populair - 1951
        a dutch beauty, pure original, no damage and little use.
    Gazelle Sport - 1953
    Gazelle Sport - 1956 female, parallel frame
        coupe convertible.
    Gazelle P - 1956 Omafiets with TCW hub
        typical dutch Omafiets. Little mileage due to scarry TCW rear hub
    Gazelle 8V - 1956 Unisex bike, new model
        original, but needs some fixing
    Gazelle 8X - 1957 Crossframe
        probably my most spectacular bike
    Gazelle N°8, 1961
        completely original. Has the unique Gazelle hub with hidden handlebar shifter!

    Gazelle Sport Luxe, 1961
        completely restauration project. This bike has combined drum / cable brakes
    Gazelle Sport Luxe 1962
        saved from demolition and given a second live. SA hubdyne and Duomatic gearing
    Gazelle Nr 8, 1962, X-frame

        found it in very bad shape.  Still collecting original parts for restauration
    Gazelle Sport Luxe 1963
        used, but in good and original condition with torpedo 3 speed hub.
    Gazelle Sport Luxe 1965
        my favorite Sunday bike. Shines and rides as new. Fully original.
    Gazelle N8 Omafiets - 1966
        my wives Sunday bike. Exclusive model.
    Gazelle L - 1940
        exclusive model.
    Gazelle Sport Licht - 1958
        first Gazelle bike with Reynolds tubing and Campagnolo Sport derailleur.

For SALE  >>>
  large collection of speaker drivers. mostly new, Ask for details.

  old bike parts, 40's / 50's / 60's, also NOS,  Ask for details.

  parts for bass guitar building, necks, wood, ... Ask for details
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The second, one and only HighEnd DIY Audio Barbeque zelfbouwaudio
The first, one and only HighEnd DIY Audio Barbeque zelfbouwaudio
contact: email

Tour with historic bikes:
Antitankroute 2013
Antitankroute 2014
Antitankroute 2015
Antitankroute 2016
Gazelle 'Sport only Tour'
Tour with historic Gazelle Sport bikes only.
Gazelle SoT 2013
Gazelle SoT 2014
Gazelle SoT 2016