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nickname: asterduc

Updated: 26/9/2018,  current projects: 
- design of a new open baffle speaker system (2x12"+mid+tweeter)
- finishing a new pair of Pacific's and a Daudio C1 clone
- restoration of a few dozen Gazelle bikes and an antique double bass
- finishing 2 bass guitar orders
- cleanup and sell some bikes, parts and bike repair tools

scan speak revelator illuminator raal ribbon thiel   scan speak revelator illuminator raal ribbon thiel   scan speak revelator illuminator raal ribbon thielkoppenberg    koppenberg
Concave highend diy speaker Scan Speak Ring radiator Revelator R2904 15M/ 21W/8555 21W/8555-00 15M/4531 15M/4531T00 Passive radiator helmholz CONCAEVE

High-End DIY Speaker System
Scan Speak Revelator ringradiator R2904/700005
Scan Speak Revelator 15M/4531K00
Scan Speak 21W/8555-00
Scan Speak 21W/8555-01

zelfbouwaudio concave speaker system high end   zelfbouwaudio

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design DIY Speaker System

  finished another set in high-gloss black.
This one has the D3004/602010 tweeter

0Scan Speak D2004/60200
Scan Speak 12M/4831G00
Scan Speak 18W/8831G00

zelfbouwaudio pacific speaker

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Design diy speaker
Raal Ribbon 70 10  25W/8567-SE Lyngdorf DSP Room Perfect Dayton Audio RS225S-8

on hold, since I lost my heart on open baffles

Improved High-end DIY Speaker project
tweeter: D2904/710003
Mid: 18W/4531G00
Bas: 26W/4558T00
PM: 26W/0-00-0

zelfbouwaudio       zelfbouwaudio

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design stage

Open Baffle High-end DIY Speaker project

The most accurate and relaxing system I ever had in my listening room. Illuminator Mid/hogh section and dual 12" woofers from SB Acoutics

tweeter: ScanSpeak D3004/664000
Mid: Scan Speak 18WU/4741T00
Bas : SB34NRX75-16

Verenter open baffle speaker system
Scan Speak Scanspeak Illuminator

Daudio C1 clone

Passive Full-range Open Baffle System

Mundorf AMT Tweeter
SB Acoustics Midrange
ScanSpeak Woofers


Small High-end DIY Speaker project
with ScanSpeak Illuminator drivers.
Scan Speak R3004/602010
Scan Speak 12MU/4731T00

zelfbouwaudio    (Click picture to see foto album)
Scan Speak Scanspeak Illuminator 12MU/4731 12MU/8731 12MU Thiel Eton Raal Scan Speak 12MU/4731T00  ScanSpeak R2004/602000 Lyngdorf TDAI-2200
 Scanspek illuminator
soon ...

2-way coax system with universal TS parameters.
The plan is to make 3 different enclosure for sound comparison
Driver: DeToma R130


SATelite 2
Improved version
Scan Speak R3004/602010
Scan Speak 12MU/4731T00

zelfbouwaudio    (Click picture to see foto album)  

Scanspek illuminator
Scanspek illuminator

Custom HT Line Array
Driver: Peerless 830970

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Small High-end DIY Speaker project
with ScanSpeak discovery driver.

Scan Speak 10F/4424G00
Scan Speak 10F/8424G00

Scan Speak 10F/4424G0 10F/4424 10F-4424  How to build

ScanSpeak Scan-speak discovery 10F/4424G00 Concaeve FASTer

(Click picture to see foto album)
ScanSpeak Scan-speak discovery 10F/4424G00 Concaeve FASTer

Restoration of vintage turntables



Double Basses

Adjustment, Restoration and Repair of double basses

VerDal type Tour de France
Wadia Lyngdorf Scan Speak Illuminator 170i

LISTENING ROOM dreamland :-))
20 m² soundproof chamber
box in box floating system

Current equipment:
- Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 + Lyngdorf CD1 + Accusound 100 + DIPole 531
- Wadia 151 Power DAC + Wadia 170i transport + RAPide
- Cyrus 2 + Dual CS714Q - Ortofon ULM60 + Daudio C1 clone

DSP room correction
Lyngdorf TDAI-2200
Lyngdorf DSP software
                >>>>> download >>>>> software / manual
ATB measurement system
2+2 (satelites + corner woofers)
Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 TDAI2200 Room perfect DSP 1.20 corner woofers

graphite neck bass collier basses ETS Basstec Bartolini Delano hommerson


High-End Bass Guitars
build from 1985 to 2009
4-, 5- and 6-strings
17-layer graphite neck
Exclusive woods
Custommade hardware
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Power Amp

High-End MosFET mono >500W
I have not yet found a better amp in this pricerange for the lower frequencies
(1 set for sale)

THEL Accusound 100

graphite bass collier basses
(Click picture to see foto album)

(Click picture to see foto album)
Gazelle 'oldies'
  a few bikes from my Gazelle bicycle collection

    Gazelle 8V - 1941 Unisex frame, old model
        in very bad condition (nightmare).
    Gazelle Nr1 - 1955
        100% original, completely conserved.

    Gazelle Sport Luxe - 1962
        my first 'full restoration', including repaint

Gazelle Nr 8, 1956, X-frame
        fully restored, keeping original patina
    Gazelle Sport Licht 1957
        fully original and only little use. With Campagnolo "-speed !!
    Gazelle Sport Luxe 1965
        my favorite Sunday bike. Shines and rides as new. Fully original.
    Gazelle N8 Omafiets - 1966
        my wives Sunday bike. Exclusive model.
    Gazelle L - 1940
        one of the most exclusive Gazelle bikes.

    Gazelle Sport Licht - 1958
        build-up exactly the way I got it from the previous owner.


Selfbuild - 1950 Stepper Bike

       Since my wife does not like 'saddles', I had to find a way to get her driving with us on the 'antique bicycle tours'.  The result is a self designed and constructed stepper bike. 
She no longer has an excuses for not joining us during our tours :-)

(Click picture to see foto album)

graphite bass collier basses

ScanSpeak Scan-speak discovery 10F/4424G00 Concaeve FASTer

Restoration of antique mechanic watches
and vintage quartz watches

Verdal tour de france collection

VerDal was a belgian brand of mechanical watches.
They used Swiss movements
From late 50's up to early 70's they offered the TdF series

VerDal type Tour de France
For SALE  >>>
  large collection of speaker drivers. mostly new, Ask for details.

  old bike parts, 40's / 50's / 60's, also NOS,  Ask for details.

  parts for bass guitar building, necks, wood, ... Ask for details
Tour for Historic Bicycles:

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Antitankroute 2013
Antitankroute 2014
Antitankroute 2015
Antitankroute 2016
Antitankroute 2017
Antitankroute 2018
Antitankroute 2019
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Gazelle 'Sport only Tour'
Tour with vintage Gazelle Sport bikes only.
Gazelle SoT 2013
Gazelle SoT 2014
Gazelle SoT 2016