Ed ’s Hobby Page

Hi, welcome to my hobby webpage.

On this page I would like to show you some of my hobby work, collections and things that keep me busy. Technology, craftmanship, sound and music have always found my intrested and has been a source of inspiration to me.

My areas of interest:

  • Bass Guitars, design and build
  • Loudspeakers design and creation
  • Audio equipment, both modern and vintage
  • Vintage Bikes, restoration and collection
  • Mechanical Watches
  • Marklin H0 Modeltrains, analog and digital
  • Bicycle Technology

SHOP: You are invited to visit my webshop. Since I don’t have an endless life and being a collector for many many years, there is a lot of goods to be offered for sale. I hope you can take advantage of this.

Contact: asterduc@gmail.com

me with my lovely wife and grandson